At Halalmak, we created a community where members of the public can read one another’s food reviews and recommendations. There could be instances when someone will try to game our system by attempting to post a fake review or hateful speech to mislead us. Below is a list of FAQ which we hope it would be helpful to share our approach, our policies, and how Halalmak works.

Do let us know if you think that you can contribute to our list.


Are the food establishments listed on Halalmak Halal Certified?

The listings on Halalmak are either Halal Certified or Muslim-owned. Our team went through multiple stringent checks to ensure the information provided is accurate at the time of posting. However, we still highly advise users to verify the information directly with the merchants (through their website or call them directly) as the Halal status of the establishments and their menus are subject to change. Kindly let us know should you suspect any of the listing listed on Halalmak is not Halal Certified or Muslim-owned.


What do you mean by the food establishment is “Muslim-owned”?

“Muslim-owned” means that the food establishment is owned by a Muslim. This could also mean that the food establishment did not apply for a Halal Certification through the governing bodies in Singapore, which in this case MUIS. So some might ask, are these restaurants Halal? The Muslim-owned listings on Halalmak were verified and accepted by the Muslim community in Singapore. However, if you have doubts on the establishments, we suggest that individuals explore alternative Halal eateries or other options instead.


The information listed on Halalmak is incorrect.

As much as we want to provide the community with the most accurate information, many times this information changed overnight without us knowing. You can help the community by letting us know the changes through the contact us page or over here. Our team will update the merchant page as soon as possible.


I spotted some unlawful remarks or reviews that are not true. What should I do?

In the event of you spotting any hateful speech or comments by the general public that could affect the peace of the Muslim community, please let us know immediately. We have low tolerance on such behavior and will not hesitate to ban the user permanently from Halalmak.


I couldn’t find my favourite Halal restaurant. Why it is not listed here?

There are many Halal food establishments in Singapore and we are still in the midst of consolidating our listings. Let us know if you would like to see a new category listed on Halalmak.


I own a Halal Food Business. Can I list my business on Halalmak.

Sure! Halalmak welcomes all Halal business as long as it falls within our listed categories. Just provide us your business details and high res photos to [email protected]. Our team will review the details and put it up on Halalmak if we find it suitable. Not to worry, Halalmak will not charge you a single cent for listing on our platform.